open your online store

About this I have spoken a lot in my blog in Spanish. A step forward must be taken. It’s the only choice. Many stores should have an online extension, no matter how small or local they are. It’s no longer enough to keep to the geographic factor as pattern in the face of this new, difficult socioeconomic situation. It’s necessary to take the new commercial roads of the New Economy. As an example, we should know that e-commerce in Spain has grown 180% since 2007. Specifically, e-commerce had a turnover of 10.5 million euros last year. This data from the CMT accounts for purchases that were finalized with debit or credit cards. The total number of transactions is spectacular. In 2007 there were barely 13 million transactions; now, we’ve surpassed 40 million.
That said, the report shows a slight slowdown of up to 2.6 billion euros at the end of the year due to incomes being inferior (1.8% less) to those of the previous quarter. That is to say that those of us devoted to providing solutions and management models for online sales should look elsewhere. Something that, as you already know, I’ve been doing for two decades now.

When I say that we have to look beyond, I’m thinking of two scenarios. One is to offer products that allow third parties to develop e-commerce. The other, the ability to sell products internationally from an online store. E-commerce transactions from abroad in Spain experienced a year-on-year incremental growth of 15.4% in the fourth quarter. The EU was the geographical area that bought the most goods online from our country. Latin America was at second place in spending, with 7.1% of the total, and the rest of the world accounted for 6.5%.

My company’s current stake in the ecommerce field is called Openshopen.  Although it’s a recent development in constant beta, it can already be contracted with complete assurance. I’m talking about an online platform that enables a wide range of options to create very affordable online stores, with professional quality. Openshopen allows for all sorts of companies—from freelance professionals to small businesses, but also large organizations—to get all they need to start selling from the very first minute. It allows you to open a store, manage stocks, transfer your domain, control orders, automatize deliveries and access online payment gateways all without formalities or technical know-how.

For almost a year now, we’ve been working at our IDODI laboratory to develop a series of tools and, in doing so, we’ve learnt a lot about storekeepers, users, and clients. We are sure that there is still a lot to learn and mistakes to accept, but that’s what it’s all about. Just two days since the opening, hundreds of stores have already registered. We’re very happy because this turnout is not linked to any specific marketing campaign, nor yet, from the greatest backing the project has: the international market.

Openshopen belongs to the same family of technological products as Saas and the cloud, which aims to be a simple, powerful solution in the e-commerce world. The other members of the family are Emailfy and Ebnto. Shopytime will join them soon, allowing the stores created in Openshopen to take advantage of powerful international sales equipment unprecedented in Spain and America. We are sure it will be the differentiating factor of the set.

Having commercial and technical support offices in eleven countries, with their own websites organized by territory and language, Openshopen is born with the will to occupy a very competitive space, but with some nuances and notable simplifications. We are constantly offering very much for very little. Every fifteen days we’ll be offering an update with new templates, services, plugins, and other elements that will enrich any previously created stores and will provide new options for those to come. By the way, we’ve made it so that when you open an Openshopen store, you enable automated systems and registries that efficiently position you in Google, and other search engines.

We’ve already incorporated responsive templates into our technology and very soon we’ll be presenting an app whose main module will allow you to manage your store from a mobile device easily and reliably. While we offer default models, we are also ready to manufacture ad hoc stores for you if, despite all we offer, there are still things you’d like that you can’t find.

I hope you decide to try it and that you sell from the very first minute. E-commerce isn’t stopping anytime soon and it could be a tremendous opportunity for you. You can sell anything, and if you want, we can advise you. Let us help you; you’ll see it’s much easier than it seems.