No logic key

Some time ago I was only a matter of beginning. Ground state so and I question why. I can not say otherwise. I’ve fallen and risen several times in this life and, I fear, by the way I deal with it, I will pass. Whenever I write about “launch and is already” on the lash some readers mad with my argument, so suicidal it can be for many to follow my advice. I hope that behind my arguments, one can distinguish the real elements and try to convey reasons.For me the crisis ends each day. Ends today because there is no choice. Regardless of where I am or territory that is conquered, all I know is that I have only my own enthusiasm. I should be able to manage my desires. Pain is unavoidable, the suffering itself. The first is aggression, the latter an attitude. I have long clear where this takes us, the readers of this blog know that many years ago described one by one the episodes of the disaster. Now that is imminent or Rajoy no one will avoid the pain, I choose not to suffer.
This is a country that has trouble starting their own snacks except those having to do with the football team, Formula One or tennis elite. There is also some movement capability when properly fill the gaps in the Levante beach. Sometimes I wonder to see how, in one place, working in the desert, when the average conversation terraces is “much you have left to stop you yet,” people do not discuss “his new project” or “I could do I “. The only thing that passes between cane and pitcher is a plate of goat cheese with caramelized onions. Now that’s prepared to undertake. Example for our children often.

But perhaps all is not the fault of the onion, or jar, or even the east wind that falls from May. The sin that meets the State, in case you want to take, before you start and have generated a single euro, and you are getting billed for the cost. A notary, a limited partnership or even autonomous legalization, an allowance, other than processed here and another there. Different administrations and different collars for one hungry dog that ask you to run before eating. Poor animal.

Once the test you face will and desire to provide employment to more people and grow your project. That’s when the sky is shattered and you dig into the heart. Wages on costs that an entrepreneur can not accept the charges motivated by different social structures assumed to be invariant and having to do with enduring absenteeism, low and other reasons.

When you finally set up a company, you’ve hired someone, you get the point of balance and you face the day to day to get financing, customers and reputation, you drop all the manure over the world at once to discover that there is a single legal mechanism of help that is obtainable in a rational way. Nothing is promised as we have promised, to the above, half of the unsaid and a fine.

How can we take? The truth is that sometimes many of those brave entrepreneurs think they should have listened carefully to the voices which reached the bottom of the bar that said “looking for a gigs with a steady paycheck and let empresuchas riding, sucker.” How are we going to pull the car if you can push instead for a straight and easy path must go through an obstacle course cleverly arranged so that this is the least entrepreneurial society possible?

On the other hand, when the administration is preparing to give vent to aid is the major financial and industrial groups and forget SMEs, freelancers and start-ups. What is needed is innovation. It makes no sense to support a large factory, a huge industry, it does not encourage the thousands of small businesses. It is a historical error that seems inherent in all governments in this country spend too much on stimulating areas from above, rather than boost from below. It turns out that 90% of the Spanish labor body is in these small and in that body of individual entrepreneurs looking holes through which slip. Why not act on that most staff in place? Who does not give wings to fly. I am completely convinced that it is an irrational and unconscious attitude confined to the understanding of life, business and the natural will of the people you have in Spain. It’s not a conspiracy, is that we are well.

Without creativity there is no escape and the state does not encourage it. Nor has any educational setting try. If the youth is inspired by an educational system that generates the desire to create that make it hard to innovate and innovation unless there is firm.Without innovation there is no new business either. It’s a fucking bitch biting fish tail.

Can you imagine the state warning the small business economic model is changing and they are critical in this transition? I do, but accompanied by a lot of promises of aid which does not come just at the instant transfers direct stimulus to the large corporations that have requested shelter and protection the government for a “sales slump” in its sector. Remember what happened to the area where Vincent worked?