60 seconds on the net

A few days ago, the folks at Qmee published a very interesting infographic. It gives us an idea of the real size and scope of the Internet these days. The social realm has given way to the electrical movement of information everywhere. The increase in speed isn’t due entirely to the improvement of information systems or technology based on new programming languages and object-oriented programming, or servers. The key thing in this change in mileage has been the socialization of everything.
The activity that takes place online in just a few minutes is of such a dimension that it’s like when we look up to the stars and it makes us feel tiny. Everything around us keeps mutating, changing and processing the digital times we’re living in, and with luck that in turn will change and improve everything around us. It’s fascinating to discover that in barely 60 seconds, two million Google searches are made, or that 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. But with 204 million emails sent every minute, email is still king.

60 seconds